Figure Friday 01/20/2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Figure Friday where we cover the latest pre orders and announcements all wrapped up for you right here. 

Starting off our recap of the week, Beast Kingdom showed off their figure of Al Mcwhiggin from Disney's Toy Story 2.

Jumping from toy collectors to toys, Beast Kingdom also showed off their Pinocchio figure. A toy of a toy who wants to be a real boy. I know there can be a joke to be made here but i cant put my finger on it.

Onto more darker characters, Hot Toys Previewed their reissue of Bane from the Dark Knight trilogy. At the iconic 1/6th size lets hope everyone's collector cases are ready to hold back all this raw strength.

Pre order here

On the same note McFarlane Toys has a new wave of DC universe figures up for pre order and you can grab them right here at Entertainment Earth. Not to mention the offer free shipping for orders over 39 dollars USD.

Speaking of McFarlane Toys, they just revealed a brand new statue that any DC fan will love. No real details have been dropped yet but this statue of Batman from his appearance in the Hush storyline is a must have for any hardcore Batman fan.

Jumping from one super hero universe to another (excluding multiverses because that can get confusing).  Marvel Legends Pre Orders are also available right now at Entertainment Earth. Same deal as before grab them now with free shipping over 39 dollars here

Also included in this line of pre orders are the new marvel retro figures. Standing 3.75" tall featuring Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Woman, and Power Man. which can also be found on amazon for $11.99 each.

More pre orders! this time from something even I didn't expect, All new Power Rangers are available for pre order and you can find them all at Entertainment Earth right here.

And it looks like that concludes this weeks Figure Friday. I Have to say with all those new super heroes running around we hope that your shelves have a little more action very soon.


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