Figure Friday 01/13/23

Hello Everyone and welcome to a spooky Figure Friday the 13th! Thankfully the only killers on the loose are these sweet releases, previews, and deals so lets get started.

 Starting off we have S.H. Figuarts with their Naruto and Sasuke figures up for pre order. I certainly know a few people who would love to have them posing with their manga collection.

Another pre order this week from S.H. Figuarts, we have another team of heroes in the form of Miles Morales and Spider Gwen. These two are up for pre order now and can be found right here


Next up, Mezco One:12 with The Crow. In stock at EE and if you use code CEEOF at checkout you can save 10% on shipping, so check him out right here

Up next from Super7 Teasing a brand new brand license, Sesame Street! If one thing is for certain I'll be dropping some change on my favorite characters


Another tease from Super7 coming at us with Eric B. and Rakim. Not to Mention with that tease they also showed off a wave of all new Animaniacs figures.

Back on the topic of heroes and villains. The new Marvel Legends build a figure wave is up for pre order on amazon. Collect them all and build Ch'od.

Links are provided to all figures




Kid Omega


Emma Frost


Speaking of superheroes up for pre order on amazon McFarlane toys has their own DC Multiverse wave that's up for pre order and you can find them all here

Last but not least, McFarlane Toys also showed off a new wave of page punchers. Better bring your wetsuit because this is all about Atlantis! Featuring Aquaman, Black Manta, Ocean Master, and Aqualad.

That's all folks! at least for this week, but we'll be back in a flash to show off new reveals, pre orders, and releases. So until then make sure you check the links and be sure to use our affiliate codes when you check out! 


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