Figure Friday 01/27/2023

Greetings and salutations, its time for another Figure Friday. We're rounding off the week with the latest and greatest for reveals, pre orders, and more.

Starting off with an announcement from Hasbro, their Hasbro Pulse fan stream goes live next Wednesday. Hopefully they have a few tricks up their sleeves and not just a whole bunch of jedi mind tricks.

Speaking of Hasbro, a brand new Marvel Legends 2 pack was just revealed. This 2 pack features Hyperion as well as Doctor Spectrum.

Another Marvel Legends reveal, but this time its a Target exclusive. All new and ready for battle its Yondu in his classic Guardians Of The Galaxy look.

Lets-a-go! Because Jakks Pacific Just revealed their newest figures for the new Super Mario Bros. movie and if you're just as excited as i am you'll be chomping at the bit for the pre order date. 

Now onto the other half of our blog we're going to run down the list of a few pre orders since we have a TON coming up real soon. Links will be provided too so make sure you go and check them out.

Starting off is a classic. Alf is available for pre order on amazon.

Also on amazon we've got Boba Fett from S.H. Figuarts which also includes his throne. You can check him out right here.

Jumping over now to Entertainment Earth two Disney classics are up for pre order. Beast Kingdom's Al Mcwhiggin and Pinocchio are up for pre order now so check them out. Remember to save with free shipping.

Next up is another classic. Entertainment Earth has a Rocketeer 2-pack which also includes Betty and a whole bunch of accessories.

Last but not least for Entertainment Earth, the standard and deluxe Medieval Knight Iron Man is now up for pre order as well. Check him out down below

Wait a minute who's this? looks like someone just uncloaked themselves! Its the Predator! The Predator concrete jungle ultimate deluxe stone heart figure (say that five times fast) is now up for pre order at Entertainment Earth. Check him out below and when you use the code CEEOF at checkout you'll save 10% off your order!

And with that Figure Friday has come to a close. Hopefully there's no more surprises but we'll just have to wait and see! Thank you all again and keep your eyes peeled and follow our twitter to stay up to date as announcements drop.

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