Figure Friday 01/06/2023

Hello all and welcome to the first Figure Friday of 2023! Where we round off this weeks news, reveals, and pre orders. 

Starting off it seems that the rumors actually might hold some weight to them as starting off in the new year McFarlane Toys are going up in price and are already listed on Targets website at 22.99 (USD)

We'll try and sweeten the mood for you here a with a new wave of pre orders.

McFarlane Toys has their new Dc Multiverse wave up for pre order. This is a four figure release which includes Batman, Cat Woman, Joker, and Mr. Freeze.

Pre orders are available now at Amazon & EntertainmentEarth 

That's not all. As Walmart now has another DC multiverse exclusive. Eradicator was officially revealed with a stunning promo image. 


Not only do we have Eradicator, but another brand new multiverse figure just revealed. This time its Batman from DC vs Vampires.


Leaving the world of DC now with a tease that was shown off the first of the year. It looks like Storm Collectibles wanted to show of the design for a new figure and judging from its looks it could only be Goro from the Mortal Kombat series 


Moving onto another world of freaky creatures with Mezco One:12 with two pre orders. Be sure to grab this shell shocking 4 pack of the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Pre orders are available now at EntertainmentEarth.

And lastly, this week EntertainmentEarth got the Mezco One:12 Alien figure in stock, hot off the truck. 

This item is in stock and ready to ship with free shipping and 10% off when you use code ‘CEEOF’ at checkout! 
Get yours here

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