Custom Legends Andrew Garfield MCU 6" Action Figure Head

Color: Painted
Style: Fitted
Sale price$90.00


Add this custom 3D resin printed head sculpt to your collection!

3d printed using Phrozen 8k mini printer for high crisp quality and a beautiful smooth finish to bring out the intricate detail in each head sculpt.

Can be printed hollow (you would have to create a peg for the figure of your choosing) or fitted (printed to fit perfectly to your figure)

Note : choosing a painted option will take longer to produce and ship.


Fitted version will be fitted to Amazing Spider-Man Spinneret 2 pack figure or the Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man figure. Please Email me with your choice of fit. 

3D Print - More rigid than standard resin casted parts and more fragile. Extra care should be used when handling.
3D Prints could be printed in a variety of resin colors, as such shipped items may not be the same color as pictured.
3D printed parts small support marks under or at the back of the model and might require some light sanding/finishing.

Figures and other accessories pictured are for reference only.


What is ‘Hollow’?

This variation is the simplest form for someone who’s okay with doing a little extra work to get their figure to reach the full potential. This variation is printed, cleaned, and then shipped off to your doorstep. Hollowed headsculpts do not fit any figure in particular, this means that you would need to create your own peg hole to fit a peg of your choosing inside the head or find another means of securing the head to any given figure.

The interior of the head is hollow - it will need filler to stay connected to a neck peg. Other adjustments may be needed to fit certain neck types correctly.


Variation 2: Fitted.

Fitted headsculpts will be fitted to the figure mentioned above. This means that there’s no need for any extra work on your part to try and get the head sculpt secure. If this option is available for this print, that means I have the figure on hand and can fit it specifically to the figure mentioned in the listing. If you have a figure you want it customized to fit, but isn’t mentioned in the listing, message me as I may be able to still fit it to your figure if possible.

Please allow an extra handling time for fitted head sculpts, and painted head sculpts.

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