Who Is Cee of Creativity?

Who Is Cee of Creativity?

Born in the late 90s, I grew up on Superhero culture. When I was young, I would burst through the doors of the movie theater after watching the latest superhero movie, and I would be that character. I was swinging from buildings, fighting bad guys with years of training and billionaire gadgets, flying in the sky watching the clouds below me, and waiting for any sign of trouble. I left every movie theatre as a new person.


My first toy? I can't remember. What I can remember, is going to the local Toys R Us with my uncle for every birthday. Wanting everything, but leaving with my absolute favorite thing. I remember Christmas (and a few days before, my birthday) ripping open my presents, hoping for the latest Batman, Star Wars, or Spiderman figures. I remember trips to a Toys R Us half an hour out with my mom, which was my favorite Toys R Us because that's where the gold always was. Plus, we got Burger King, which was always a plus because those too came with toys. I remember running around with my new Batman: The Animated Series set from my aunt and crossing universes with all my toys. I remember bringing a friend over after lacrosse practice and showing him my collection. 


Then I thought, it's time to grow up, right? Storage everything went, I was too cool for this stuff. I was in middle school! Nonetheless, my love for comics still didn't fade. Now I was into the books, hitting NYCC with my father and following the beginning of the Cinematic Universes that were being built in theaters. 


When the Pandemic hit, I was struggling to find my footing. After losing my job, and being unsure of what path I wanted to pursue next, I decided to sell off some old childhood toys. I needed the extra money, and I remembered buying the DC Direct Arkham Figures on eBay constantly since my local comic shop was 40 minutes away. I decided to sell many of those figures, and give them a new home while also helping my financial situation.


While I was getting rid of these toys, I also found that new toys were being made. I ended up going down the rabbit hole of all the new figures being made and loved what these companies were doing with the license. Using social media, I noticed an increase in popularity as well. I purchased a few for my collection and said 'That's it, no more after this ' and boy was that a lie. I was hooked. Eventually, after following a community of people who also enjoyed this stuff I decided to use my business knowledge and drive to create my toy store. Not only that, but my wonderful mother also got me a 3D printer for Christmas, so I began creating. 


And thus... Cee of Creativity Was Born!

I began learning all about 3D printing, and the machines. How can I make action figures, toys, etc. even more exciting? How can I create my own? There are millions of ideas, and thoughts I have daily about all the different possibilities of what this company can and will be. Proudly born in 2021 in New Jersey, I hope to bring value, creativity, and fun to your home. Our company is slowly growing, and that's thanks to you! 



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