Action Figure Unboxing And Review: McFarlane Toys Dc Multiverse Superman: Speeding Bullet Batman Figure Review
Welcome to our first-ever action figure review! 

That’s right! This is our first in-hand figure review, and it’s not your traditional heavy hitter. 

I kept thinking, I want to start this new review series off with a bang.
Should I review this A-List character first, or that?
What’s my favorite unboxed figure? 
Instead, why not start with one I think flew under the radar? One that wasn’t the people’s champ, but an underground king. 

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Superman: Speeding Bullets Batman Figure
Now, to be fair, I did get this figure because I have an idea for a custom. Also, I’m not being paid to write these reviews, though as an affiliate I may earn from qualifying links. 

That being said, my goal is to be completely transparent. I’m not here to sell you these figures, they usually sell themselves. My goal is to give you a full honest review based on my opinion, and mine only. You may hate a figure I love, or love a figure I hate. 

That’s the beauty of the individual. 

With that out of the way, I loved this figure. McFarlane never fails to make me feel like I’m 8 again, opening up a new toy with that fresh plastic smell filling the air. 

The first thing I noticed about this figure, was its weight
This was one of the heavier Batman figures I’ve held, unlike let’s say, the Batman from Rebirth

The back of the box features a well-lit cinematic action figure profile. This is usually the same photo that’s featured on the collectible trading card, that we’ll be getting to in just a moment. 

Opening up the package, the next thing I notice is my absolute love for the color combination of this character. Black trunks, yellow belt, and blue and gray contrast for the rest of the costume. Chef’s Kiss.
Batman is tied down in the classic wire tie fashion, and the figure comes with two extra hands (fists), a collectible trading card, and a flight stand. 

The flight stand is a welcomed surprise, as not all characters who can fly end up receiving one. The trading card features the same photo from the back of the box. 
The back of the collectible card, as usual, features a brief bio of the character. 

Let’s break this Superman-Batman hybrid from his chains! 

Wow. To be honest, I didn’t need this figure in my collection. I haven’t read the speeding bullet run and have no personal attachment to this character. To be fair, I don’t know many people who do know this character. That’s why for me, he’s absolutely a figure that fell under the radar and he was someone I initially passed on. After cracking this guy out of the package, he’s menacing. 

Thinking of it, I wouldn’t want to face Batman or Superman separately, and a Batman with Super Man powers? No thanks. I’ll sit that one out, bad ankle. 

I can’t tell if it’s how threatening he looks, or the endorphins rushing from the beautiful combination of colors, but I like this guy. So much so, that I’ll need to pick up another after using this one for a future custom project.  
Posing this guy is super fun, I love the quality you get when you purchase a Mcfarlane toy. They’re bulky, beefy, and brute and almost always have amazing sculpts. This one is no exception. 
Unfortunately, the head on mine was molded a little odd. If this was something I was purchasing for
myself, any QC error would irk me. So although I am upset that the head is shaped a little off, I know I’ll be getting another. Hopefully, that one won’t have any issues. 

To finish off this review, I’d like to say that this was something I was not expecting. I try to be choosy with my figures because so many figures are constantly dropping from all different kinds of companies every week. A character I didn’t know, nor have any connection to ended up baffling me. I couldn’t believe that this figure pulled me in the way it did, like a riptide. 
This figure also made me realize how much we need a classic black trunked, grey, and blue Batman badly. Like, yesterday badly. So many Batmans, Todd, please give us that. 

If I had to give this figure a rating out of 10, I’d give it a 7. This figure has effectively got me interested in its comic origin story, which I will be visiting soon. 

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