Hasbro Pulse Star Wars Reveals 02/01/2023
Welcome to an extra special reveal report from a galaxy closer than you think! This week Hasbro Pulse just dropped enough reveals to choke a dianoga so lets get right into it!
First off, lets take a look at the upcoming pipeline that was previewed.
I'm extra excited to see Darth Malgus get some love since his appearance in the Old Republic game and animated trailers. 
Now onto figure reveals, we've got a much requested jedi Ki-Andi Mundi to lead your clones into battle against the Separatists. Standing at 6 inches tall this Black Series Figure is a must have for hardcore collectors.
Next up we all know that good soldiers follow orders. Complete any mission with the new Arc Trooper Jesse Black series Figure. I'm not going to lie I was pretty excited for this reveal but at the same time disappointed at the design choice of his helmet. Instead of staying accurate to the Clone Wars Series Hasbro decided to just repaint an old arc trooper helmet and slap on Jesse's iconic helmet pattern on top. As much as I love my clone troopers this will have to be a pass for me unless they change the design before release. 
On a less sour note we have the Deluxe Endor Trooper. It looks like based on the images it'll have two different head options, one of which looks strikingly similar to our man Captain Rex.
A Star Wars Celebration Exclusive, it's Darth Vader from the original "Revenge of The Jedi" movie poster before it was renamed to Return of The Jedi. This Darth Vader is box features the original movie poster as well as Vader taking on red highlights and tones to his suit to match.
Leaving the Black Series and moving towards the classic Vintage Collections is an even bigger treat! First up there's another Darth Vader Dropping, but this time he has a removable helmet to recreate the ending to ROTJ.
Another awesome figure for the bad guys (depending on your stance of the empire) Admiral Peitt is here to command the Executor while Darth Vader is away.
Need someone thrown in a monsters mouth in the desert? well Hasbro has something for that too with the new Weequay figure.
Need to get out of that same pit that someone's being tossed into? Hasbro has something for that too with Han Solo.
Darth Vader isn't going to be lying about how cool this figure is because Starkiller is here in his Vader's Apprentice outfit.
It wouldn't be a reveal without at least one clone trooper. Its another glorious day in the army of the republic (or empire we know they're still around) because Hasbro revealed two new clone troopers. Captain Howzer is on the job ready to lead your next batch of "shinnies" into the fight.
More clones? Hasbro wasted no time with another reveal of a clone trooper multi pack featuring the boys of the 212th attack battalion. I'm excited the most for Waxer and Boil finally getting their own figures.
Finally something that can fit on my head. Hasbro dropped a brand new collectible helmet. The Scout Trooper helmet is perfect for any trooper who hates catching rebels on foot!
That about wraps up a MASSIVE Star Wars reveal that everyone can appreciate. Be sure to check out our Figure Friday blogs when we have confirmation of a pre order date for all these awesome reveals.!

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