Figure Friday 12/23/2022

Happy holidays and welcome to our festive Figure Friday blog. The big man may be on his way soon but that's not stopping these reveals and releases. Let’s take a peak at what we have coming, so grab your hot cocoa and sit by the fire because baby, it’s cold outside.   

Starting off with Mcfarlane Toys teasing brand new TMNT figures, covered earlier this week. It appears through Universal Distribution that the classic quartet might be rolling out soon 



Hopefully those turtles have you excited as I am, but look out because here comes Hasbro! unveiling their new Marvel Legends Series Franklin Richards figure. standing at the classic marvel legends height of 6 inches, he’s perfect for any collection or diorama. Still no word on his sister or any official information regarding this figure, so stay tuned. 



It’s not over just yet. Mcfarlane toys is back again but this time right from the Dc universe and Darkseid War comes Kalibak. In 1/12 Scale and looking menacing as usual he's ready to take on the forces of good and come out of the fight triumphant.



And look at that, looks like that's a wrap for the week. Not as explosive as we thought, but it’s the holiday season so if you're not rushing, last minute holiday shopping, now is the best time of the year to be with family and friends. Here at CeeOfCreativity, we hope you have a great holiday and hope you make it a very merry one and thank you for supporting us so far. The year might be almost over but a new year is about to begin and we hope you join us for the long road ahead.

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