Figure Friday 12/16/22

Welcome to Figure Friday! Where we recap this weeks news in the world of Collectibles and more. 

Starting off the week, McFarlane Toys Showed off their brand new Fulcum Abominus Megafig for thier DC Multiverse Line. Bristling with heavy weapons and armor this big guy looks like he means business. No pre order date announced yet. 

Jumping from exciting DC brutes to Marvel Juggernauts. Ronan The Accuser was officially revealed as and Amazon Exclusive for the Marvel Legends line up. Standing up at the usual 1/12 scale Ronan is sporting his classic comic book look and armed with his signature Cosmi-Rod. Ronan is officially up for pre order now exclusively at Amazon.

Moving to a galaxy far far away. Hot Toys have shown off their brand new 1/6 scale Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Pulling them straight from the sands of Geonosis and right onto the shelf of any collector or prequal fan. Pre orders are available now at Sideshow

Traveling the galaxy you tend to run into all sorts of characters. Luckily for us that means a ton of new reveals for Star Wars the Black Series and its smaller scale Vintage Collection. Starting off here with a brand new Comic version of Boba Fett. Similar to Marvel's Ronan Boba's been pulled straight from the comics in two variant color schemes exclusive to Target. Boba is available for pre order starting December 14th.

Keeping in line with crime syndicates and bounty hunters, Hasbro revealed a brand new Gamorrean Guard for ROTJ's 40th anniversary. Just like Boba, goes up for pre order on the 14th exclusively at Target.

Revealed but sadly not up for pre order, Hasbro revealed two brand new clone troopers. Myself being a clone trooper fan it has me chomping at the bit waiting for a release date. Starting off for any fan of Star Wars Republic Commando, Scorch was revealed for Hasbro's Black Series collection as a GameStop exclusive. Sleek and in 6 inch scale Scorch is perfect for any clone trooper collection.

Not a Fan of hiding in the shadows, but would rather lead from the front lines? Hasbro just dropped a strategic battlefield asset for your clone armies with a Walmart exclusive Arc Commander Blitz. Lead Rancor Battalion and show the separatists how real men fight with his iconic yellow striped Arc trooper armor including a removable helmet.

With all those villains and heroes and more revealed we're always looking for what's next so check back every Friday for new reveals and updates!

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