Figure Friday 02/17/2023
Welcome to another heart pounding instalment of Figure Friday! They say chocolate and roses are a gift from me to you, but that makes these reveals and pre orders on a whole other level.
First of we've got McFarlane Toys showing off their brand new figure for the Flash Movie coming soon. I hope you were all excited as I was to watch that new trailer! 
Sideshow this week rolling out with Batman 89' 1/6th scale figure. This Batman comes with a toolbox worth of accessories and features like any sideshow figure, but the deluxe edition includes a gargoyle themed base for him to brood over Gotham. Ready for more? also dropping with this Batman is his very own Batmobile which you can purchase separately.
Need more Batman/ McFarlane toys has you covered with their Dark Knight Trilogy figures now available for pre order! Grab Batman, Joker, Scarecrow, and Two-Face now! Not enough? collect them all and build your own Bane! Pre order here on Amazon, but don't forget to check Entertainment Earth here
Shifting gears to heroes from a different set of licensing. Hasbro has shown off their Spider-Man retro Kraven figure. This one is going to be a Walmart exclusive so keep your eyes peeled this summer when he's expected to drop!
Not only that, but diamond select also revealed their brand new invisible woman figure which looks absolutely stunning.
I don't know how I feel about this one, but he's sure growing on me! check out S.H Figuarts Ant-Man figure from the brand new Quantomania movie!

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